Introduction of Sirali

Sirali is a town in the Harda district, Madhya Pradesh, India. The town has an estimated population of 15,507[1] people, and life revolves around the Machak River, the life line of the town. Sirali is well connected with the district by Road . Nearest Railway station is Harda and Khirkiya with 30 Km distance . Sirali is the major town surrounded with 50 villages . This was coming under the Gond King's Kingdom , Well known as Makarai state . Sirali town is well developed in last few year with Nationaized banks , internet . In Education Sirali is having schools till Higher secondary . ( Private and Govt ) all are affiliated with M.P. Board , Bhopal . Some pvt. School are very famous here in which The H.C.M. Co. Ed School, Sirali (The first English medium school)- Edited by Sir Digvijay Rajguray. IT has also the Police station , Timber depot from M.P. Forest department . Diwali , Holi, Rakshabandhan , Eid are the major festivals which were celebrates here . Among its attractions is the Shri Sai Mandir(Well known after Shirdi temple) Shri Tilbhandeshwar(Shivaji) Mandir temple. Sri Radha-Krishan is also located in Sirali. The nearest cities to Sirali include Harda, Khirkiya and Khandwa. now sirali is the fourth tehsil of Harda district.


  1. For more detail plz search "Sirali" on google.

  2. I also live in sirali and it is most beautiful village actually it doesn't village it's city my sirali🙂

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